You have taken an important step forward; we understand that you are looking for a solution. Maybe you are holding a full time job but need more money but not another JOB. Or you are unemployed, you want a good income but not a BOSS. Or you are simply one of hundreds of thousands of people that have come to realize that having a JOB is just not the answer if we want to live a good life with money AND time.

Did you know that by the time we hit 65:
  • 1% Are Seriously Wealthy.
  • 4% Are well off.
  • 5% Are STILL working because they HAVE to.
  • 54% Must DEPEND on family or government support to make ends meet.
  • 36% Are dead.
  • Which statistic do you want to be?

The wealthy top 5% are business owners, earning commission and profit; only a few of the well off top 5% are highly educated professionals that have been able to build wealth as employees working for a monthly salary.
*Statistics from U.S. Department of Health, Education & Welfare in tracking people from age 20 to 65.

During the past 10-20 years millions became wealthy in IT and Electronics. (Feels a bit late to get in there now.)
During the next 10-20 years millions are becoming wealthy in the two booming Wellness & Work From Home Industries.
(There's still time to get in on this deal.)

The Wellness and Work From Home Industry both represent enormous financial opportunities, either opportunity alone has tremendous potential to create new wealth. Our company has combined the best of both worlds, creating a perfect storm of unprecedented economic opportunity, a convergence of forces enabling "normal" people to create a satisfying lifestyle, and at the same time tremendous new wealth.

The Work From Home Boom

The Work From Home Business has grown steadily over the last 20 years, increasing 91% in just the last decade. With more than 53 Million people worldwide involved, it is now a $100 Billion global industry. Yet as impressive as this is, it's not hard to see that the real growth in this business model has only just begun, the BIG WAVE is on the way and there is still time to get in front of this trend.

The Wellness Boom

Why Do People Keep Talking About The Wellness Opportunity?

The Wellness Industry is a new, exciting industry that is already achieving sales of $500 Billion in the U.S. ASIA follows the same trend and has even passed the $500 Billion mark (That is an amazing $300 Billion growth in 5 short years). Within the next few years The Wellness Industry is well on its way to pass the growth of the $1 Trillion auto industry and the $1 Trillion PC industry.

Why This Fast Growth?

The world's health problems have just begun, people are today unhealthier, more overweight and lack of nutrition than any other time. Meeting the incredible demand from Billions of people that want to live healthier and longer creates The Wellness Revolution, an industry that brings an absolutely gigantic business opportunity to the homes of people like you around the world.

Millions of new Millionaires are in the making thanks to these 2 Power Industries.

We are a USD 4 Billion, New York Stock Exchange listed company that has set the trend in both of these two industries since 1980. We are now holding offices in 70+ countries with Millions of people gaining great wealth and wellness thanks to our world famous business solution and powerful training system.

The System is now within reach for you, but you need to take one more step and show us that you are ready. On the next page you will meet some of our people that left their salary life and now enjoy the profits from the Wellness & Work From Home Boom!

Our System Works!

It has worked for us and it can work for you. Here are a few of the people that have used our system and had fantastic success, just by copying success. These people, along with others who have also enjoyed success, have all found a better way and are willing to teach and coach you how to do the same.

Click the images below to read a testimonial.

Investment Analyst

US$ 700
in the First Month

My name is Keith Wang from Singapore.
"I used to work as an Investment Analyst in an Investment Company. I love what I do but after working for 2 years, but I am not satisfied with my salary. I got started in this part time business with zero experience. My mentor was amazing and spent his time to guide me step by step. In my first month in this new part time business venture I made S$1,000 almost half my full time pay. I then plugged myself into the training system. 10 months later I was making S$2,500 part time and then I decided to fire my boss. Now I work with lots of freedom and I totally enjoy every day of it helping people to better lifestyle and future."


Golf equipment salesman

US$ 20,000
Per Month

Francis is a native Singaporean and was in the business dealing in golf equipment for over 20 years in Thailand. During the financial crisis, he lost all that he had built and had to move back to live in Singapore. To earn a living, Francis was driving a taxi to keep the family going.

In April 2003, Francis and Marisa learned about this Work From Home business and started doing the business part-time. In a period of five months, they were able to earn an income that pays over US$10,000 per month. They are now able to work from home, spend more time with the kids, and have the freedom to do the things we enjoy doing.

Francis says, "We are so thankful that this opportunity is available in Singapore & Malaysia. Looking back at where we were before this Work From Home business and now, it is unbelievable! We are just getting started and know that we can help many others with this opportunity."


Regional Manager & Shop Manager

US$ 12,000
Per Month

Samuel was retrenched from his job as a Regional Manager with a well-known Sporting Brand. His subsequent business ventures also failed due to the economic downturn. With four growing children, Samuel and his wife Jenny suddenly found themselves on just one income. Both were looking for ways to earn more money when they were introduced to this Work From Home business.

Samuel immediately took advantage of the business opportunity. As he started to learn more about the business, he began to share the opportunity with his friends and family. During this time, Jenny was still working, managing two retail fashion outlets, and was calling her contacts whenever she had time. Seeing the opportunity to make more money to pay off their debts, Jenny decided to quit her job and join Samuel full-time with the Work From Home business. With in the first year they built a stable income around US$8,000/monthly.

Both Jenny and Samuel had a simple dream… they wanted a long-term stable source of income and more time to spend with their family. They never imagined it was possible until they found the Work From Home business.

Even though Jenny was skeptical in the beginning, they are both now firm believers that if one are willing and committed to work hard, the monetary rewards will be more than double the efforts put in. Samuel always says, "No money, no problem, No commitment, big problem!"


Business Owner & Administrator

US$ 15,000
Last Month

While living in New Zealand Debra and Kendal found this opportunity. Debra was an administrator for a software company and Kendal had his own business. Kendal’s business was not doing well so they were open to ideas for extra income. After responding to an advert in the local paper, they got started almost immediately and became involved in the training system. In the first 3 months made an extra US $5000 part time. Within 8 months Debra chose to leave her full time job and work from home. Within 3 years Kendal joined her working from home.

They now live in Singapore and have an international business they run from home around their 3 year old. They enjoy the freedom their 6 figure income affords them.

"What a pleasure to be able to work from home and be able to spend daily time as a family. We love the vacations that the company pays for when following the system. Fun has become a major part of our lives again. Plus we have met such great friends all over the world." says Debra


Marketing graduate

US$ 18,000
Per Month

Hi, I'm Audrey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a Marketing graduate and I was in the corporate world for 8 years in 2 listed companies, but retired in 1997.

Right now I'm a full time breastfeeding mom with 4 kids and breastfeeding 2 babies and I work around 2 to 3 hrs a day with this system around my children.

At first I was very skeptical and negative about Home Based Business and Work From Home Systems but when I was introduced to this system I was very curious about the impressive testimonials. I changed my life after attending my 1st Training Seminar with the company together with my husband Joey.

After working very seriously for 1 year while being pregnant with my 4th baby in 2006, we achieved a very comfortable income and now our income is always above RM60,000 (US$18,000) a month , and we changed our life completely.



US$ 4,000
Last Month

I was a programmer before I found this work from home system. Pei Li was working as a customer service executive in a bank. We are always looking for better opportunities. We learned about the work from home system through a newspaper advertisement. With the step-by-step training system provided, we have made RM1700 part time income in our first month into the business. After 2 months we went full time. It had been 2 years now and our average income per month is more than RM15000. This is just getting started!


Stock Broking Industry

US$ 70,000
Last Year

Hi! I am Cindy, from Malaysia. I have a finance degree, and worked 2 years in Stock Broking Industry being paid RM 2000 per month. However, due to my dad’s health challenges, he had to retire. this resulted in me having to to help manage 3 different family businesses in international trading. When the business started to go the wrong way I wondered where my children and I would end up 10 years from now. I started to search for different opportunities.

I found this website and got started with this opportunity right away. The most amazing is that I get to work from home without the stress of a lot of advertising, employees, inventory, and overhead!

I started off part time working around my busy schedule. My first month income was RM3000. Second month income was RM 7000 using 9 hours a week. This has got me so excited! This system allows us to work full time and part time. Now my average income is RM 10,000 a month, being part time, with a 3 years old son, working from home and 7 months pregnant! Last year being full time, my annual income was RM 250,000! This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime, and is truly unbelievable!


IT Manager & Lecturer

US$ 3,000
Per Month

Hi! We are Eugene and Yen Wong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We migrated to New Zealand in 2003 and found the WFH business in 2005 while searching for something on the Internet that could help a family member’s health situation. Eugene was a Business and I.T. Manager and Yen a lecturer, we did the business part-time in New Zealand. When Malaysia was going to open we decided to pack up in New Zealand and return to Malaysia to build our business. We’ve been doing this business full-time since February 2006, and so been able to earn monthly over RM10.000 and the company sent our family for a full-paid vacation to the Maldives - 5-star treatment!
We are assured that as long as we work and follow the system, we will be able to achieve our dreams in the very near future. The best thing about the WFH business is being able to introduce it to our family, friends and even strangers, and having them see their future and health secured with this great opportunity.

Your Next Step

If you have the desire to change your life and become financially stable while working from home, then we can help! As you have seen in the success stories, thousands of other people just like you have successfully taken this next step. The reason they succeeded was that they were SERIOUS about change.

Before you take the Next Step, understand that we are only interested in working with SERIOUS PEOPLE. We simply DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to spend with people who are merely curious. We believe that our experienced business people are more valuable running our business and training new people. If you join our program, we are sure you will appreciate us spending our time TRAINING YOU rather than answering random email messages.

Personalized Training
Meet an Experienced Team Leader who will Personally work with you to help you learn how to use and follow our system to become as successful as you need and want.

This will start you on your way to financial success TODAY!

This step is for those individuals who have the desire to control their future, to Work From Home and earn the kind of income that will give them the life they deserve.

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