You have taken an important step forward; we understand that you are looking for a solution. Maybe you are holding a full time job but need more money but not another JOB. Or you are unemployed, you want a good income but not a BOSS. Or you are simply one of hundreds of thousands of people that have come to realize that having a JOB is just not the answer if we want to live a good life with money AND time.

Did you know that by the time we hit 65:
  • 1% Are Seriously Wealthy.
  • 4% Are well off.
  • 5% Are STILL working because they HAVE to.
  • 54% Must DEPEND on family or government support to make ends meet.
  • 36% Are dead.
  • Which statistic do you want to be?

The wealthy top 5% are business owners, earning commission and profit; only a few of the well off top 5% are highly educated professionals that have been able to build wealth as employees working for a monthly salary.
*Statistics from U.S. Department of Health, Education & Welfare in tracking people from age 20 to 65.

During the past 10-20 years millions became wealthy in IT and Electronics. (Feels a bit late to get in there now.)
During the next 10-20 years millions are becoming wealthy in the two booming Wellness & Work From Home Industries.
(There's still time to get in on this deal.)

The Wellness and Work From Home Industry both represent enormous financial opportunities, either opportunity alone has tremendous potential to create new wealth. Our company has combined the best of both worlds, creating a perfect storm of unprecedented economic opportunity, a convergence of forces enabling "normal" people to create a satisfying lifestyle, and at the same time tremendous new wealth.

The Work From Home Boom

The Work From Home Business has grown steadily over the last 20 years, increasing 91% in just the last decade. With more than 53 Million people worldwide involved, it is now a $100 Billion global industry. Yet as impressive as this is, it's not hard to see that the real growth in this business model has only just begun, the BIG WAVE is on the way and there is still time to get in front of this trend.

The Wellness Boom

Why Do People Keep Talking About The Wellness Opportunity?

The Wellness Industry is a new, exciting industry that is already achieving sales of $500 Billion in the U.S. ASIA follows the same trend and has even passed the $500 Billion mark (That is an amazing $300 Billion growth in 5 short years). Within the next few years The Wellness Industry is well on its way to pass the growth of the $1 Trillion auto industry and the $1 Trillion PC industry.

Why This Fast Growth?

The world's health problems have just begun, people are today unhealthier, more overweight and lack of nutrition than any other time. Meeting the incredible demand from Billions of people that want to live healthier and longer creates The Wellness Revolution, an industry that brings an absolutely gigantic business opportunity to the homes of people like you around the world.

Millions of new Millionaires are in the making thanks to these 2 Power Industries.

We are a USD 4 Billion, New York Stock Exchange listed company that has set the trend in both of these two industries since 1980. We are now holding offices in 70+ countries with Millions of people gaining great wealth and wellness thanks to our world famous business solution and powerful training system.

The System is now within reach for you, but you need to take one more step and show us that you are ready. On the next page you will meet some of our people that left their salary life and now enjoy the profits from the Wellness & Work From Home Boom!

Our System Works!

It has worked for us and it can work for you. Here are a few of the people that have used our system and had fantastic success, just by copying success. These people, along with others who have also enjoyed success, have all found a better way and are willing to teach and coach you how to do the same.

Click the images below to read a testimonial.

Marine officer

US$ 7,000
Last Month

Sangram was a Marine officer with the Merchant Navy for six years and was away from his family for eight to ten months at a time. He was earning a good income, but was very home sick. After the birth of his son he realized that life at sea, with its long periods of separation, was no longer what he wanted.

Sangram Says, I wanted to spend more time with my family and watch my son grow up So I started searching for an opportunity that would allow me to work from home. I did not set any goals in the beginning but after attending a Leadership training seminar with the company I strive to make my child's future secure and lead a good lifestyle.

I enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, live in luxury apartment, drive beautiful car & my last month's income with this work from home system is 3.65 lakh Indian Rupees (7000 USD) working with this system.



US$ 2,500
Per Month

I was working as an accountant when and started part time with this company. My main interest was to have a great health and to earn some extra income of rs.4000 a month. I lost 14kg with these products and earned rs.4150 on my first day of operation. Then the training and support system helped me to create a vision for the possibility of roaming around the globe, work from home staying with the family, make my dreams come true, learn personal development and get rich. I have already visited abroad for many times now, qualified for top achievers in business within 6 months after I became full timer, got my earnings up to RS100,000 / monthly (USD2500) . Many of my early dreams came true already. Now we can help many more people to succeed with us in this opportunity.


Student & Medical Representative

US$ 240,000
So Far

Anindita was an MBA student in Delhi and I was earning as a Medical Representative making Rs.3300 (USD 80) pm. Both of us wanted to change our life. With this Work From Home System it was possible and in the last 7 years we made more than 1 crore rupees (USD240,000) from this business working full time.

Right now, we have a car & live in our own luxury apartment.

We have a lot of free time for each other and travel abroad very often thanks to the freedom in this business!

It has not only changed our lives, It has giving us the opportunity to change other peoples’ lives as well.

This Work From Home System is great!


Business Owner

US$ 25,000
Last Month

"Although I was born in India, I spent a lot of my youth in Sweden," says Jolly Hunjan.

"After grinding away at a job without a future, Jolly borrowed money from his father and started his own business. Unfortunately, economic times were tough in the '90s. Jolly lost his company and ended up in debt.

"Shortly after my business closed, I was introduced to the Work From Home system," Jolly explains. "At first, I wasn't interested, but that changed after I got such great results from the products. I decided to go to training and was blown away by what I saw. By the end of the training, I made up my mind to go full-time and work toward achieving the kind of lifestyle I always dreamed of." This opportunity has allowed me to succeed together with many of my fellow Indian countrymen.

Jolly continues, "with this opportunity, I can design my own future. I have been able to travel around the world, I am now debt-free and I have developed a wonderful lifestyle.

India is a huge market for this Work From Home industry, the best is yet to come!


Printing Engineer

Sachidanand Singh was a printing engineer when he found this Work From Home System. It took my just 6 months to start earning an income of above RS42,000 and I also qualified for a fantastic and 100% fully paid vacation in STAR CRUISE in Singapore.

I have now worked with this great company for 8 years and I am enjoying a great lifestyle working from home.



US$ 30,000
Per Month

I migrated from India to New Zealand for better prospects. The process of settling down consumed most of my time and money. I was working in 3 jobs 18 hours a day . I was looking for a way to work from home and earn

I own houses, cars and a lot of luxuries and the financial freedom which I always wanted. But most importantly, the personal growth that I have achieved with this buinsess and the person I have become have changed my entire perspective towards life.

We earn a 5 figure US$ income every month from home and I know it is going to get Bigger and Better.

This business made my dreams come true! Today I do work with this company because I love and enjoy what I do.


Engineer (MBA)

US$ 500
in the First Month

I paid of a debt of Rs1 crore (US$200,000) in 4 years thanks to this System.

Being an engineer & MBA, I always wanted to be rich & benevolent man from Mumbai. After 10years of office automation business I was unhealthy, fat & with lot of debts. After a few more failures in different business ventures, I saw a Work from home presentation and I was impressed with the product results. I started with an international business pack & using the free sample products, I lost 6kgs in 26days & also got rid of my lower backache & acidity. I realized then 'Dreams without training is like gun without bullet'. It can't protect you. I made it a point then to attend every possible National & International training that company gave and my life started changing. Thanks to all that, now here I am as a President's team member in this company, one at the highest level. I have a fantastic lifestyle, I always dreamt in terms of beautiful cars, nice houses, fabulous recognition & many caring friends. I have traveled the world & tasted various cultures. With this business not only you can achieve all this but also you can become more. My team is my pride, I am thankful to them. Now I know for sure that Dreams can come true only with this work from home business.




US$ 10,000
Last Year

At the age of 62, Probhat Basu is a practicing lawyer doing this business Part-time.

In 1 year this system helped me not only to earn an extra part-time income of 3.5lakhs but also to have go for my first ever International trip to Bangkok to participate in an event with 20,000 friends all working with this exciting Work From Home Business.

If a man in my age can do this business, then anyone willing to learn can do the same and better.

Hope to meet you in Kolkata some day!

Thank you!

Your Next Step

If you have the desire to change your life and become financially stable while working from home, then we can help! As you have seen in the success stories, thousands of other people just like you have successfully taken this next step. The reason they succeeded was that they were SERIOUS about change.

Before you take the Next Step, understand that we are only interested in working with SERIOUS PEOPLE. We simply DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to spend with people who are merely curious. We believe that our experienced business people are more valuable running our business and training new people. If you join our program, we are sure you will appreciate us spending our time TRAINING YOU rather than answering random email messages.

Personalized Training
Meet an Experienced Team Leader who will Personally work with you to help you learn how to use and follow our system to become as successful as you need and want.

This will start you on your way to financial success TODAY!

This step is for those individuals who have the desire to control their future, to Work From Home and earn the kind of income that will give them the life they deserve.

After submitting your information, you will be contacted by a Coach for a telephone appointment and possibly a Health Coach Orientation training.